5,4,3,2,1…morning count down

I get ready when the kids are having breakfast – nothing new in that.

I get breakfast ready the night before = saves at least ten minutes in the morning rush.

I never shower in the morning, always the night before, so then I just need to quickly blow-dry over the sleep frizz = 5 mins max.

The boys are 5 & 3 – their uniforms out and book bags/spellings on the table for them to do whilst eating. They get ready themselves with the bribe, 5 mins Power Rangers TV once dressed and ready = saves at least another ten minutes not having to dress the 3 year old.

My routine is perfected with my 2 year old who pleasantly waits in her cot bed (don’t ask me how I’ve managed this one – not sure!) until I’m fresh as a daisy and ready to hoof it to the THREE different schools they’re currently at!

All in all an extra 20 minutes for me to get ready in the morning – now that is luxury in a mum’s morning 🙂

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