Nailed time-saving

Looking fresh, shaped, polished and manicured every day of the week needed either silly time or money. Looking down at peeling, dry, detergent poorly nails just isn’t fun and definitely doesn’t make you feel good.

I have found a DIY delight which keeps bringing a smile to my face every time I type, wash up and change a nappy!

We all have heard of the 3-week manicure, Shellac or whatever other brands are out there, BUT it is still the same old story of needing the time and money needed to pop in for a talon touch-up. At an average of £25 a pop it’s still an expense I’d rather not  have, even if it is now only every 3 weeks.

Perfect nails with Shellac

Save time, money with DIY Shellac

A bit of googling and hey presto I am now my own in-house Shellac technician for less than one trip to the salon! A nail UV lamp, three colours, top coat, base coat all bought on ebay. There are plenty of colours to choose from all costing about £6, so you can have a rainbow of colours which you can play around with each month.

All you need now is a steady hand, a decent episode of Sherlock to entertain you and tada you have fine fingers every day forever!

Check out this video to show how easy it is

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