Just Browsing

The fairer beauties amongst us are far more aware of the importance of framing our faces with strong brows – especially as the years roll on, framing our ‘delicate’ bone structures becomes more and more important 😉

Being dark, I have simply focused on combatting the perils of bushy brows and tweaking the shape (always have tweezers near every mirror in the house in case I spot a stray!).

I have only recently realised the benefits of simply adding extra pigment to my brows can wake my face up dramatically. Now when I don’t apply any other make-up I still frame my brows and apply mascara.

before and after

I love mineral make-up and this one is my must-have brow kit so far http://janeiredale.com/eyebr_bbk.html

It is so easy to use, doesn’t look overly applied and the three brushes each do their job perfectly.

One thought on “Just Browsing

  1. Tin says:

    I like the idea of pigment, I own numerous eyebrow pencils but that’s more because I’m a MAC fiend. This may actually get me using them!
    Thanks for the tip


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