An African photo diary

Awe-inspiring Africa images I’ve taken whilst here in Kenya. A world away from the corporate world. A real breath of fresh air delivering life-changing awareness of how disparate our lives are.






African adventure

Wow wow and double wow. Despite Turkish Airlines trying to scupper the perfect safari plans, we did it!

Following months of travel plans and trepidation, me and my wonderful friend landed in Mombasa a few days ago and have experienced an explosion to our senses. From spotting a lioness on the prowl, bouncing 5 hours along dust roads, to tasting local chocolate delicacies, and passing the shanty towns sprawling out from all corners of the country, Kenya gives you so much more than you could ever imagine.

The vast size of Kenya is mind-boggling and it feels like I’ve travelled the length and breadth! From Tsavo East National Park, to Amboseli, Kilimanjaro and Tsavo West. We head to Shimba Hills tomorrow to visit an orphanage which will be heart wrenching but we’ve brought suitcases full of toys, pens and shoes…. We nearly didn’t get them through customs though, they were going to charge tax on every toy and gift!

Despite the intense awareness that the country still has huge steps to take to compete on the world stage economically, culturally it is leaps ahead. They are proud of their African heritage and we have seen the close communities working together on such a microlevel it shames us. We live such independent lives often without daily contact with our family and neighbours, we forget the importance of network, support and sharing. The majority here live in mud huts but have a village network feeding and supporting them, we have solid brick walls but rarely come together as a community.

I shall definitely return with my kids – a real eye opener to vast spectrum of poverty and diversity.

We have lots to learn.