Sizzle in the sun

Why can I still not be responsible in the sun?! My kids are milky white with factor 50 slapped on every hour but I have an uncontrollable tendency to fry!

Yes, I’m naturally dark, but yes I also burn and today was the day (day 5 of hol) when I sizzled in the sun 😦

I think I have a burn bravado pseudo personality! And I know a lot of us have this streak-but in the evening we soon retreat to reality with the after sun and glorious nighttime glow!

Today it was the back – my excuse is I couldn’t reach it but really I got engrossed in a book 🙂

So tonight’s outfit was a black full length maxi from Next to hide a multitude of tanning sins! Hidden support was a bonus as the morning run and an overdose in sun made for a huge appetite! Gold and twisted thread hansa necklace and Victoria Beckham sunglasses