Turkish Airlines disaster

I’m afraid this is a rant blog post, no other word for it and I’m hoping sharing my flight plight may help several causes! The main being a Kenyan orphanage. My suitcase is packed with shoes, pens, footballs and first aid for a ‘trip of a lifetime’.

A friend and I embarked on the adventure 8 months ago and next week is when it’s all due to begin. We’re both busy working mums, eagerly anticipating a safari trip we’ve saved and strived for but also equally trepidatious about missing our young kids whilst in Kenya for a week. The worry, guilt and juggling was relieved by the knowledge that this was a wonderful opportunity and we can make a difference whilst out there by visiting an orphanage with donations.

Hence the panic and frustration when I tried to checkin on Turkish Airlines this week. No email or communication to tell us our return flight had been cancelled and we were expected to wait 18 hours in Istanbul airport! So the return journey from Mombasa to Gatwick originally was due to be 15 hours is now 33! Desperate to get back to our kids, you can imagine our anxiety. Stressed is the word for the week 😦

The helpdesk is not ‘helpful’ in fact it’s fair to say the complete opposite. The airline is apparently ‘the best in the world’ but can’t even respond to calls, emails, tweets – god help us in the air!

We are still waiting to see if we can change to Heathrow return flights. There’s availability but the multiple departments and units don’t speak to each other. We fly on Tuesday! We have no confirmation on return flight times and dates to rebook transfers, hotels and itinerary.

Holiday of a lifetime is turning into holiday from hell and we’ve not even left!

Please share to help us get home!